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Centralize your organization under one ‘roof’

Improving how you work shouldn't mean changing how you work. That's why Rooftop lets you integrate the apps you already love (and even some you don’t) into one native mobile application customized specifically for your brand.

Stop worrying whether your members have the latest information about your next event, or making sure they know where to access your latest documents and videos. These tasks, and others, take focus away from the important work of your organization, Rooftop restores it.

Key Features - Notifications Key Features - Calendars Key Features - Directory Key Features - Videos & Documents

Easily manage your app, from the comfort of your web browser.

With Rooftop, you get access to our powerful content managed system allowing you to quickly and easily manage every part of your organization’s app. The full-featured member directory streamlines your organization giving you and your members the ability to keep their contact information up-to-date and available to your organization.

Send a push notification, share a video with a specific group, manage your event calendars. We don’t just allow you to work more efficiently, we provide you with the tools to get better results, by optimizing your app for your members according to your user’s activity reports.

Integrated with the tools you already love.

You’ve invested a lot in your current tools, so there’s no need to reinvent the wheel. Instead enhance the way you currently work by bring everything together. Integrating apps like RSS Feeds, iCal / Exchange Calendars, Dropbox, Active Directory, SharePoint, etc... make them even more powerful and engaging for your members. Giving them greater access to access information on the go, so they can react and make decisions more quickly.

We’re adding services every day, so if you don’t see a tool you’re already using, just ask it may already be there!

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